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  • MAXIMUM MUSCLE RECOVERY: Top Nutrition EAAs-BCAA is the ultimate intra and intra-workout energy infusion. It provides all of the essential amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis.
  • BOOST PERFORMANCE: Supplies all nine essential amino acids. It enhances recovery, reduces soreness and helps you resist muscle protein breakdown.
  • PRO HYDRATING ELECTROLYTES: Loaded with extra-strength concentrated electrolytes, clinical essential aminos provides perfect hydration during and after an intense workout.
  • CAFFEINE FREE: Top Nutrition EAAs-BCAA formula contains no caffeine. It is a non-stimulant supplement that you can take any time of day with 0 sugar.
  • MIXABILITY: This EAA-BCAA powder is easy to mix in water – simply scoop, shake and sip. The irresistible flavor tastes more like a treat than a supplement during and or after your workout.


BCAA+EAA Amino Extreme

BCAA + EAA helps you in increasing the muscle and performance.

Branched Chain Amino Acids Abbreviated as BCAA’s is a combination of three Amino Acids (valine, leucine, and isoleucine) as the molecular structure of these three Xtreme Amino Acids includes branches & hence the name Branch Chain Amino Acids. Xtreme Amino are used as sources energy by the muscles, they have well researched Immune boosting properties and other muscle preserving (Anti-Catabolic) activities in the body. Researchers have concluded that BCAAs were capable of reducing whole-body protein breakdown, which is essential when trying to preserve lean muscle Issue. Additionally, BCAAs can help decrease body fat percentage.

EAA are basically nine amino acids of the twenty available ones in the body & are considered as the building blocks of the body. These nine essential acids have to be obtained by consuming external sources unlike the other eleven amino acids which are synthesized with in the body and are termed as non-essential amino acids, The usual source of these nine amino acids are especially found in animal products like meat, eggs and milk. They are also found in plant sources like peas, peanuts, almonds and others but in small quantities.

What’s important about EAAS is that they not only help prevent the breakdown of muscle, but also help build muscle ie they are both anti-catabolic and anabolic. If you feel you are not getting enough protein throughout the day, consuming EAAs via supplementation would be a good idea for both muscle building and muscle preservation.

EAAS have been found to be effective at not only preserving but improving lean body mass. Lastly, put it all together, research has discovered that to get the greatest response from amino acids, you can supplement with both BCAA and EAA supplements which is our current product AMINO EXTREME.

Xtreme Amino provides you not only the right ratio of BCAA(2:1:1) but also the best proportion of EAA (ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS) which helps you have more energy during high intensity workout, faster recover between sets, preserve lean muscle, burn fat and increase lean muscle mass.

BCAA+EAA (Directions to use):

18gms (3 scoops) in 300ml to 500ml of water (according to individual taste preference) before or during or after workout depending upon individual GOALS AMINO EXTREME is suitable for vegans

Xtreme Amino is sugar free and suitable for diabetic The product is not a substitute for varied diet and is not intended to treat any sort of medical condition. Please refer your trainer and doctor before consumption if you have any underlying health conditions.



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