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  • HIGH-CALORIE: Top Nutrition Weight Gainer is specially designed for individuals who are looking to increase muscle mass and improve their physique. It is formulated with a high-calorie blend that helps you meet your daily caloric needs.
  • RICH & PURE INGREDIENTS: This weight gainer contains a powerful blend of ingredients that promote rapid muscle growth. With a 1:3 ratio, it provides 27 grams of protein from three high-quality sources and 50 grams of carbohydrates. These nutrients work together to optimize glycogen levels and provide energy for your workouts. Each serving offers 470 kcal, giving you a sustained release of calories to fuel your muscles for extended periods.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: Top Nutrition Weight Gainer is available in a wide range of delicious flavors. With these tasty options, reaching your fitness goals becomes easier and more enjoyable.
  • LEAN MUSCLE MASS GAIN WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS: Our weight gainer protein powder is packed with high-quality calories, healthy fats, and BCAAs, which are essential for building lean muscles and enhancing exercise performance. Additionally, it is enriched with vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and provide the necessary fuel for your workouts. It contains no added sugar and is free from trans fats.
  • DIRECTION OF USAGE: Mix 1 level scoop (100 gm) in 200ml water. before a workout for the best results. Recommended to use post-workout and/or between meals to add calories, carbs and protein to your diet.
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Xtream Weight Gainer 1kg

Top Nutrition Xtreme Weight Gainer is a MUST HAVE for hard gainers trying to put on quality Weight and strength. Eat well, sleep well and workout well are basic needs for great body and wellness both internally and externally. Top Nutrition Xtreme Gainer with its advanced formula helps you achieve this by boosting your muscle growth with its quality protein coupled with quality carbohydrates and growth factors. It can be an easy-to-use tool to meet your macros / calories intake in increasing strength & muscle growth. Enriched with creatine, colostrum, taurine, digestive enzymes and malt extract it helps in faster digestion, healthier immunity and fulfilment of micro nutrients as well. Unlike other weight gainers in the same category there is no added sugar apart from the quality carbohydrates coming from our quality ingredients used in our Top Nutrition Xtreme Gainer.


Suggested Usage: Mix 2 Scoops (100Gms) with 300 to 400 ml of milk or almond milk (for lactose sensitive individuals) for a thick high protein milk shake or 300 to 400 ml water for a lighter / easier digesting tasty shake. For best results take one serving immediately after workout and another serving in-between meals according to diet and calories requirement suggested by a dietician or a certified trainer.


Whey Protein Concentrates, Milk Protein Concentrate, Oat Flour, Maltodextrine, Malt Extract, Whole Milk Powder, Creatine, Cocoa, Stevia, Colostrum, Shilajit, Taurine and Tapioca Starch.

Applies in Chocolate and Cappuccino Flavors Only.

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Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate


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